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Cardboard Crash


Direction Production VR Price
Vincent McCurley, Loc Dao Janine Steele, Dana Dansereau, Laura Mitchell, Loc Dao NFB Digital Studio Free

Every time we get behind the wheel, we make decisions with life and death implications. Brake or swerve? Quick! Decide! 

Cardboard Crash is a virtual reality (VR) experience that explores whether we’re ready to hand over such ethically fraught decisions to artificial intelligence (AI).

In it, users take the place of a self driving car, forcing them to make a difficult ethical choice when confronted with an imminent collision. There is plenty of data, but no easy answer.

Although it plays like a child’s game, the somewhat disturbing implications allow us to physically engage with the abstract concepts involved.

“I think Cardboard Crash is a story best told in Virtual Reality because of the sense of presence the audience feels when they are in a virtual world.“Vincent McCurley

This experience really puts you in the moral driving seat, and the addition of a doe-eyed child passenger really increases the sense of danger. 
  • Excellent use of the medium
  • Ability to re-vist your decisions immediately
  • Demonstrates how simple decisions can have a range of effects
  • Great pacing allowed you to get comfortable before the drama peaks
  • Use of car structure as a frame lowers nausea
  • Smooth playback and no technical issues
  • I would have liked to see other accident simulations

9 of 10

8 of 10

9 of 10

Cardboard Crash (Sundance Edition) is available in Google Play and on the Apple Store.