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Eric Darnell Baobab Studios Baobab Studios Free

INVASION! is the new VR film by Baobab studios, a CGI animation short directed by Eric Darnell, co-director of the ‘Madagascar’ film franchise and ‘Antz’. This 7‑minute short film is narrated by Ethan Hawke and tells the story of the invasion of the Earth by menacing aliens that will be confronted by two unusual non-human creatures: two little white rabbits.

Eric first had the idea for the bunnies facing off against the aliens after watching the 1953 film, War of the Worlds. In the film, despite all their incredible weaponry and technology, the invading aliens are ultimately defeated by the Earths microbes. It struck Eric that some of the most unassuming organisms on the planet were the downfall of such “advanced” aliens. In INVASION! Eric took that concept to the humorous extreme by pitting the aliens against two of Earth’s meekest creatures – fluffy little bunnies. Combining the concept of these heroic bunnies with the slapstick Laurel and Hardy antics of the two aliens, INVASION! highlights the bumbling nature of invaders who fail to account for the least among us when drawing up their attack plans

Baobab Studios is a technological and VR animation company based in California. Their aim is to tell stories and create cinematic experiences starring recognizable characters and thus bringing new sensations to new spectators.

INVASION! is a top VR app available for the GearVR and Oculus Rift.

Launching soon for the HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Daydream.