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Eran Amir Beccy McCray Nexus VR Studio Free

Nexus and the Nexus VR Studio have been commissioned to produce an innovative, high concept, live action Virtual Reality (VR/360°) music video for the track Chapita, by electro-pop artist, Mind Enterprises. The film is directed by Eran Amir as his debut project for Nexus.

The creative collaboration sees Eran direct an ambitious 360’ storytelling experience, using cinemagraphs and clonemotion technology, shot with just one 6K resolution camera and a custom built camera rig – the first time that this technique and unique combination of technology has been used for VR. The immersive music video features acclaimed dancer, Mimi Jeong, in multiple choreographed dance moves, looping infinitely to the rhythm of the track, leading the viewer through a 360’ narrative. Although the experience relies on a multitude of digital techniques, the aim was to create an in-camera feel with no cuts.

Viewers will find themselves in a vast, empty concrete warehouse, until a single dancer appears. Magically more and more clones of the dancer are introduced, choreographed to tell the story of a broken romance. Soon the viewer is immersed in a riotously colourful army of elegant dancing clones performing in a 360 VR spectacle.

The technically challenging video shoot took place in North West London, with Eran employing the pioneering technique of using a single 6k resolution camera on a unique VR rig, devised by Nexus Technical Director & VR Artist, Elliott Kadjan, and custom built by camera support specialists Ronford Baker. Kadjan also led an innovative post-production pipeline, completely bespoke to the project, using the latest 360’ technology at the Nexus studio. This brand new approach, combined with Eran’s meticulous attention to detail and thorough testing, has created an unbelievably high picture quality, bringing to life Eran’s thoroughly original concept.

Mind Enterprises is the creative musical project of Andrea Tirone – originally from Turin, and now based in Clapton, east London. His debut album, Idealist, channels both the electronic pulse of Todd Terje and William Onyeabor’s loose-fit West African disco and was released on Because Music (Metronomoy, Erol Alkan, Little Dragon) in February earlier in the year.

You are in the middle of a warehouse as multiple performers dance around you. Reminiscent of OK-GO and Pulp’s “Common People“, the music is well synchronised and the choreography steers the viewers attention. 
  • Masking is very well done
  • Stands up to multiple viewings
  • Minimal stitching artifacts
  • No obvious narrative development

6 of 10

3 of 10

8 of 10

Best viewed via the YouTube mobile app, in 4K resolution using a headset.